It all started back in 2002, I had been working as a trainer for a number of years, my wife and I had started and were running a successful supplement company when a long time friend of mine took me to watch a motocross race here in Calgary. I was blown away at what these athletes did on a bike and recognized the effort that it required to do these things. I got in touch with some of the local racers and a year later was working with the national Suzuki/OTSFF team. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some great teams, great athletes, traveled all over North America and learned so much!!

Evolved is well known for having one of the most demanding programs available for the sport of snowcross, Evolved SX has produced more champions and at different levels than any other training company out there!! 

In order to provide the best quality service, Evolved SX  limits the number of athletes it works with each year. So if you are interested please contact us today and get started!!!

Iain Hayden

​When you asked for this, I reflected to when I first met you… was at the track in Ste.Julie in June or July of 08. You were with Andre and all I remember is this behemoth looking guy yelling across the field "are you ready to get in race shape? Do you want to be able to do this"….. I really didn't know what the hell I had signed up for with Yamaha and there "new trainer". I didn't want to look like a football player or some guy out of the worlds strongman contest.(In case you haven't physically met Drew, he's not the smallest or friendliest looking guy initially).

Needless to say I was little reluctant but stuck to my word. I did every workout he sent me, I flew to Calgary twice that summer and after my first trip I really started to see why he was hired by Yamaha USA.

 He never told me the ultimate plan up front. All I knew that our goals were both very similar. That was to prove that we could be in whatever physical shape needed to wrestle that sled around the track, while going for wins…..and we did that.

Some days he leaves you scratching your head if he just pulled that work out off the cuff, but I can tell you one thing is that it never is off the cuff. Drew has a plan, a strategy for everyone of his athletes. He knows exactly what he is telling you to do day after day. If you can commit and do everything he asks day after day, I can guarantee you will see results both on and off the track.

Drew and I have become best of friends and we chat almost daily. He has a great family, whom has welcomed me as one of there own while I am out staying with them. There is no question in my mind that Drew has THE BEST programs I have ever experienced in my career. If you want to be the best, if you’re willing to work harder than the best, then there is no better program to sign up for.


PRO Motocross athlete

Owner at Motopark

Logan Christian

Not sure where to even start. Myself and Drew have worked together since I turned semi pro 5 years ago, now I'm at the pro level and Drew has been there through everything.  

I met Drew at X-games on top of the Yamaha rig, I had a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus and before we even talking that much Drew wanted to race to the top of the hill, I almost took him up on the race but couldn't crutch fast enough!!

I have had some serious injuries in my racing career and with the help of Drew I have been able to bounce back, months earlier than doctors thought I would.  Healthy, strong and 100% ready after all the injuries.  Drew knows what he is doing, we defiantly have a love/hate relationship.  The gym work is tough and grueling but at the end of it all I would not want to work with any other trainer.  

Drew does not quit and will not quit pushing you, unless you’re a meat head, but if your hurt or not winning Drew is there to help.  MY first couple pro years have not been where I wanted them to be but with Drew I'm not quitting and he is not going to quit pushing me.  He is always asking questions, and we are always talking about things to change and trying to come up with new and better ideas whether  it be different workouts we make to little things on the sled to just my overall riding style on the sled.  I always get a positive vibe from Drew, he is not going to tell you,; you suck, and expect you to fight through it, he helps with every little detail he can.  

I can ask him anything and he always has a answer and knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition and exercises.  

That’s all the gym stuff, he is a great guy other wise, he is the one guy (minus dad) that can get in my head and fire me up before races.  

The year I won the semi-pro championship we had full boxing matches in the jack stand area.  Had a lot of weird looks from other riders that were being all serious.  

Drew makes it fun and even makes the hard work fun.   “Do the work and have fun” and “You have 20% more capable than you think you are” These are the two quotes I feel describe Drew the best.

 Drew's the man.  

Kyle Beaton

I started training with Drew at the end of 2005; I had met him while travelling through Calgary and got hooked up to use his facility while I was staying in the area through the week.  We got to talking about fitness and nutrition and where I wanted to go with it and a few months later we started working together to achieve success.  at first I didn't know what I had got myself into,  I was struggling bad and thought I was in good shape before starting with Drew. I quickly learnt that I was completely out of shape and had a long rd ahead of me.  

We will jump 5 years ahead and all I can say is that if it wasn't for Drew I would never ever of become the racer or the person I am today.  He not only kicked my butt in the gym and made me a stronger rider, he taught me a lot about the mental aspect of racing.

How to train your mind into telling yourself that you are prepared and nothing is going to stop you.  

He taught me that being mentally strong is just as important as being physically strong.  

He built my programs around me and the type of person I was and where my weaknesses were.  None of his other athletes or myself ever had the same program.  

Drew was always very thorough on taking the time to build an individual program and talk with his athletes on a day to day basis.  He always had you wondering what the next week was going to bring, but he had a plan set in stone. I can remember some days wondering why the heck I was doing some of the exercises because not only did I feel weird doing them I wasn't really feeling anything, until the next day when I was sore and didn't realize I even had those muscles.  

I would highly recommend Drew to anyone but you got to be willing to put in the work. If you do the work, there’s no doubt in my mind he will make you stronger, better on the track and just in general a smarter person.  Don't be scared to join the evolved family.  

AMA Supercross Athlete

4 x ArenaCross Champion

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