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Challenge Camp



Evolved MX/SX Training Camp

Year 5


Hey guys, Jakob Rosko-Fong here from Kirkland Lake, Ontario. I race primarily for the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association series as a Pro-Lite rider, as well as part time in the United-States, in the ISOC.
Coming into every snowcross season can be quite the nail biter. This is due to the stress and nerves of wanting to win. Winning comes with the perfect recipe of your equipment as well as how prepared the rider is.

Sometimes the financial support may not be there for your equipment to be spot on, but for the rider, mental and physical preparation depends on you.


This is where Drew Robertson with the Evolved SX program comes in. I have participated at the past 5 HELL WEEK/BOOT CAMPS held at Motopark. Each year, even coming into the fifth one, I had no idea what to expect was coming our way. Each year, Drew introduces new techniques, workouts and challenges that differ from each year. Through day one, I catch myself saying why the heck did I sign up for this again, as we’re carrying a log, pumping out a gnarly workout or being hosed down with freezing cold water at 10 p.m. After it is all over, the self-pride I have knowing I successfully completed that workout and proved I CAN, is what I personally believe this camp is about.


Have you ever been through a workout and basically tell yourself you can’t do it anymore, you’re too tired and you’re just going to quit. I mean I definitely have. After working with Drew at the camp, that doesn’t cross my mind anymore. This is due to the fact that this camp may be hell, but Drew knows exactly what he is doing. He is proving to us what our bodies are capable of; that our mind may not think is capable of doing.


This week is definitely the toughest most fatiguing week I put myself through all year, but it is for a good cause. This week will not determine whether I win a championship this winter, but Drew gives me the tools and knowledge to be able to build myself to the best I can possibly be on that racetrack to get that championship.


Not only does he teach and show us proper working out etiquette, warming up, stretching, and cool down, which is all the physical aspect of the camp, but he also covers and takes time to go over what is occurring mentally. He explains the idea of stress, nerves as well as how to bring up the confidence. I know that I have definitely brought up my level of confidence heading into my snowcross season.


One quote that I remember clearly from camp is from Mike Ryan a Navy Seal we had a conference call with; "our bodies are capable of 10 times the amount of what we think we can do. When we’re tired, and ready to quit,(and on a normal day, anyone would just call it a day) our bodies actually have 10 more tanks of what we just did, and continue on." I would have never learned that if I hadn’t of attended HELL WEEK.

Just one great example of how your mind can psyche yourself out, trying to control what your body is capable of, when deep down, you can push through and go further.


This helps my snowcross skills very much as I enter the race season in great shape, as well as mentally prepared.


What is it about snowcross that is great. The adrenaline, the competition and winning. There is no better feeling than crossing that finish line in first place, knowing that I  put in the most amount of work that I could possibly have. It is the success that follows after all the work you have put into something, and coming out with the result you were striving for.


Thanks Coach for everything you have done for me, as well as get me to where I am physically and mentally today!!

What is Challenge Camp:

This five day camp is where athletes learn exactly what they are made of, what they are truly capable of, and our motto: "you are 10 X more capable than you think!!". 

We have held this camp for five years now and every year we see athletes grow and learn amazing things about themselves!

-Drew Robertson (Head Coach / Team Lead Evolved Conditioning)


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